However as they approached, it took off and flew

## ## The Calgary Herald Pictures of the Week

The goose had been sedentary on the patch of ice in Coventry Hills for the past four days and the fire department had been called in to try to rescue it. However as they approached, it took off and flew away. Colleen De Neve /Cherie Copithorne Barnes of CL Ranches near Cochrane is trying to produce a more sustainable product by reducing impact on the environment. Leah Hennel /Mike McEwen, back right, and Dawn McEwen watch an incoming shot over the shoulder Team Europe’s Christoffer Svae during mixed doubles Continental Cup curling action at the Markin MacPhail Centre in Calgary, on January 10, 2015. Crystal Schick /A sunset view of the Calgary downtown skyline, as the Ctrain crosses a bridge over the Elbow River. Crystal Schick /New Canadian sledge hockey coach Ken Babey, left, gave forward Anthony Gale some encouragement during practice at the Markin MacPhail Arena on January 13, 2015. Colleen De Neve /A boy sits with his father as he listens to a meeting held at the Abu Bakr Musallah Mosque on Saturday evening January 10, 2015. The meeting was held to help find ways to counter recent violence within the Somali community. Gavin Young /Last winter Connor Ferster lived in a teepee. This winter he lives in a tiny house which he designed with his girlfriend Sydney Schwartz. Lorraine Hjalte /King penguins walk outside their enclosure during the return of the Penguin March at the Calgary Zoo on January 15, 2015. Leah Hennel /

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